Distant Healing


Distant Healing is healing given without the client being physically present.

In my belief, it is easily as effective as hands-on healing, and can be especially helpful for those who:

  • have mobility or transport issues, or do not live locally
  • are in considerable pain
  • are elderly or frail
  • are physically weakened by illness or drug treatment
  • have busy lifestyles and find it difficult to schedule in a conventional appointment
  • simply like the convenience of a "home appointment"

It is a wonderful option for animal healing, as there is no need for the animal to adapt to the physical presence of a stranger in their personal space. And it can be very helpful for babies or very young children.

You are welcome to add your name to my Healing Book to be included in my daily distant healing session. This is a free service. Please contact me to add your name.

If you would like something more dedicated and personal to you, I offer specific booked-in sessions on a paid-for basis, pre-payment only. But please contact me by phone or email or message me on Facebook to arrange your sessions before making any payment.

If you would like me to work with a dedicated quartz crystal during your healing and send it to you by post after your first session, I can do this for a small additional charge.

For information on prices and how to pay please see Booking & Prices.

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